Skull on a Chain

You wear the skull on a chain

I sent to you

Long distance

After long giving up hope on us

But still knowing

What should be.

You sent me a picture

Where you wear it

And I smiled seeing it.

You remarked to me

That you get such compliments on it

When you wear it

And people ask where you got it

Again and again

But you never told me

What answer

You give them

When they ask,

The impassive face

Hanging silver from the chain,

Vaguely grinning,

Telling no tales

About us

Or him

Or on Kentucky Avenue

When I first flirted with you

When you were just a girl

And you fell in love with me

In silence,

Even then.

Originally published in Nixes Mate Review.

John Tustin's poetry has appeared in many literary journals since 2009. contains links to his published poetry online.