Black Coffee


the days get so debilitating.

Some days

I need someone

to choke me out,

just to get a jolt

of adrenaline

coursing through my veins

in the morning.

I need a bolt of lighting

piercing my back

to remind me

I’m still alive.

I can’t take

another step forward,

until I’ve touched hands

with death herself

and then felt my body

being dragged away.

Monty Rose was born in Seal Beach California in 2002. Growing up surrounded by people from all walks of life, Monty considers themself to be thoroughly inspired by the diversity of human experiences. They are the co-founder and current president of The Creative Writing Club at Saddleback College and a writer who is fiercely dedicated to the pursuit of poetry as an art form. Monty is currently devoting their free time to writing and developing a series of full length novels. When they aren’t writing you can find Monty diving down rabbit holes of random trivia, trying all sorts of coffee and experimental drinks, listening to vinyl records, and passing the time by people watching.