after Lee Herrick

Arrive late to the party.

Say hello to your hosts.

You work with him.

You want her. You drink

a lot and then some more.

You corner her, engage

in conversation. Debate

feminism. You’re sure

she wants you, too.

We do not know

what might have

happened if you’d

been early to the party.

If you’d met someone

else. What we know

is that you were late,

that you found a pair

of my panties in

the bathroom hamper,

and you put them

in your pocket.

Desire. How it blinds us

to everything beyond

that which is wanted.

You were right,

I wanted you. I have

almost forgotten

what blindness feels like.

Ann Weil is a retired teacher and professor from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Look for her work in The Indianapolis Review, Third Wednesday, Eastern Iowa Review, Shooter Literary Magazine, The Healing Muse, Halfway Down the Stairs and San Pedro River Review. She earned her doctorate from the University of Michigan, and writes poetry for obvious reasons: glory and big bucks. Visit for more information.