Ode to Lady Lazarus for the Digital Age

Dedicated to Kathleen Nigro

You ought

Be glad

The old days

Are gone

When unruly women

Burned for witches

Rose from the ashes

And ate men like you

Flayed them

Sternum to groin

With a kitchen knife

Wrapped thighs like paperweights

Around their necks

And drew their mouths

To hemlock kisses.

You ought

be glad

The old ways

Are dead

And the war

Is fought

With words and keyboards

Sharp steel narratives

And public flaying on CNN


And biting little birds

Refusing to be quiet

That tweet your shameful

Secrets for the world to see

In 280 characters or less.

We rise.

The nooses are digital

The poison rhetorical,

But make no mistake,

We eat men like you

On air.

Monica Swindle now lives in St. Louis, MO after stints on the East coast and the frigid wasteland of Minnesota.  She hasn’t thought to publish anything in years though she writes frequently in between working as an instructional designer, teaching English and Gender Studies online at a community college and a university, and momming, singly, two teenage girls.