Rain crosses the fields,

dragging grey curtains

through the night, drenching the house.

Shadows in the hall grow long

as cool air flows in

through the window screens.

The daughter puts her hand in the breeze,

feeling the moisture,

listening to the deep voice

of thunder. Sharp pangs

of lightning slash the sky,

illuminating the yard

as she stares out, looking for forms

hidden in the storm.

She’s heard those sky rumblings

are the devil fighting with his wife,

and she wonders what went wrong

in that marriage. It could be anything.

She can understand trouble,

the one thing that feels familiar.

Out by the highway, a night train

blows its alarm, rattling down

the line, each car window

framing passengers. She watches

the people in the cars as they

glide the storm, caught now and then

in the glare of thunderflash. Watches,

and listens for the heartbeat rattle

of the tracks, the ringing

rage answering in the sky.

Carolyn Adams’ poetry and art have appeared in Steam Ticket, Cimarron Review, Evening Street Review, Dissident Voice, and Blueline Magazine, among others. She is the editor and publisher of the Oregon Poetry Calendar.  Having authored four chapbooks, her full-length volume is forthcoming from Fernwood Press.  She has been nominated multiple times for both Best of the Net and a Pushcart prize.