Raw Meat

I want you raw

Bleeding on my plate

Marbled, the webbing of your perfections and ugly truths

Inextricably tender and tough

I want to feel you

In my hands

In my mouth

Your juices and rough edges

You feel like art

You taste like the earth

Leave the bone in

Let me study its every curve

I wont waste you

Ill honor you

Ill crave you

Every last bit

This is the first publication of Haley Brengartner's work. She is a lifetime writer taking her first steps toward writing in public. Recently graduated from Elon University, she resides in North Carolina but spends most of her time in Appalachia and the New River Gorge of West Virginia. She is an avid rock climber and is working on her first memoir. You can find more of her writing in her newsletter here: insaneinthemembrane.substack.com.