Like the proverbial deckchair movers on the Titanic

We go about our business

Rearranging the things we know won’t change anything

Or make a real difference.

We should know better but we do it anyway

Move one thing here and

Then get a better idea and move it back but

Turned so we think it’s new or

Would fool other people who don’t get it

Don’t understand the way we play

The game.

It’s as if we are stuck in one gear and can’t get

Out of it, a stuck clutch, nothing much.

Like the one about doing the same thing over

And over and expecting a different outcome

Or the Emerson one about foolish consistency

That hobgoblin of little minds like ours.

We rearrange the same thoughts, pretend

A newness and then move on

With the same old, same old with a new gloss

Feeling a fix as our Titanic goes down.

J. K. Durick is a retired writing teacher and online writing tutor. His recent poems have appeared in Literary Yard, Vox Poetica, Synchronized Chaos, Madswirl, Pendemic, and Eskimo Pie.