Song of the Past 

water oaks and dutch elm robe

an early morning magenta sky

thick cedar and locust copse hover over tar roads

delaying daybreak like an old quilt,

the day, like a sleeping bluetick hound,

wakes only when it has to

a still soft slowness exists

mists are drawn and withdrawn in the eddying breeze

Dan Jacoby is a graduate of Fenwick High School, St. Louis University, Chicago State University, and Governors State University. He has published poetry in several fine publications. He is a former educator, steel worker, and counterintelligence agent. He was born in 1947 on the second floor of a cold water flat at 55th and Halsted, Chicago. He has been writing poetry since 1967 and his work is influenced by the Beats, John Knoepfle, Al Montesi, and John Logan to name a few. He has been nominated in 2020 for a Pushcart and Best of the Net. He is the author of the book Blue Jeaned Buddhists.