(After “It Means Shadows” by Pablo Neruda)

As we enter our last decades

shouldn’t we look back at

the shadows that both lurk in our past

and follow us?

Where will you find me

if not under your patch of love

that blossoms with the rain

and opens one petal at a time–

away from this hurt hammered

into the seed of me. I dare you

take anything from me or

I shall be gone.

Diana Raab, MFA, PhD, is a memoirist, poet, blogger, speaker, and award-winning author of nine books. Her poetry and non-fiction has been published and anthologized in over 1000 publications. She frequently speaks and teaches on writing for healing and transformation. Her latest poetry book is Lust.

Raab blogs for Psychology TodayThrive Global and Wisdom Daily. She’s editor of two anthologies: Writers and Their Notebooks and Writers on the Edge; two memoirs: Regina’s Closet and Healing with Words,and four poetry collections, including Lust.Her latest books are Writing for Bliss: A Seven-Step Program for Telling Your Story and Transforming Your Life and Writing for Bliss: A Companion Journal.Visit: