Autumn Is a Conveyor Belt

Autumn is a conveyor belt

With an agenda

In a factory where time is weaponized

To make everyone forget

Monotony moves you against your will

And changes you into someone

From the future

The virus will disappear

And so for you it has disappeared

We will stop lynching in the streets

And so there's no reason to get worked up

About history and unpleasant tales

When it's such a beautiful day

We force the children to play outside

And the trees blur, unrecognizable

As the belt lurches on.

Kaitlyn A. Jensen is a writer out of San Diego with a background in law, political science, and philosophy. She earned her J.D. at University of California, Davis, and she is the author of numerous legal articles including Smart Contracts: New Code on the Block (2019) and Drones: Milestones and Unknowns (2018).