The Two Weeks We Were Perfect for Each Other

ate a stem and a cap

sank deep into the couch

knew there was time

still sat with the dark

looking for what

waiting for lines

to shimmer

I think

last time

was outside

light rain

and a summer octopus

waiting on a woman

always late

and too young for me

she passed me a micro dose

days before

in the two weeks

we were perfect

for each other

her father was dying of cancer

my good friend was dying of cancer

within our individual sadness

we both disappeared

ghosts vibrating deep

lost to our history

Jason Baldinger is a poet from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He was recently a Writer in Residence at Osage Arts Community, and is founder and co-director of The Bridge Series. He has multiple books available including the soon to be released The Better Angels of our Nature (Kung Fu Treachery) and the split books The Ugly Side of the Lake with John Dorsey (Night Ballet Press) as well as Little Fires Hiding with James Benger (Kung Fu Treachery Press). His work has been published widely in print journals and online. You can listen to him read his work on Bandcamp on lps by the bands Theremonster and The Gotobeds.