Haunt Your Dreams

Stuck in limbo

would you like a new pen?

it’s hard to breathe

ecstasy in the air

swallows the oxygen

pukes out dust

too much intensity

can electrify your nerves

they can rust, you know

your body becoming

heavy metal toxined

to death

body in shock



soon a wheelchair

will haunt your dreams

and make you question

the sanity of relying

solely on blood tests

and platelet counts

to remain healthy and


Arianna Sebo (she/her) is a queer poet and writer living in Southern Alberta with her husband, pug, and five cats. Their home is brimming with cat posts, pet beds, fur, and love. She received her B.A. in philosophy from the University of Calgary, working in the field of law to feed her family and writing poetry to feed her philosophical soul. Her poetry can be found in Kissing Dynamite and The Writers Club at Grey Thoughts and is forthcoming in Front Porch Review, Lucky Jefferson, The Coachella Review, and 45 Poems of Protest. Follow her at AriannaSebo.com and @AriannaSebo on Twitter and Instagram.