For All to See

I don’t write poems at sidewalk cafes

exhaling swirls of youth into the ethers

I write poems on the toilet with the

door cracked

I write poems while my son

devours screen time

I write poems on my phone as a

cool cashier trains a new hire

methodically and slow

I write poems with the window open

for all the neighbors to see

I write poems with one ear

listening for the end of the show

a tune that tells me to

set my sights aside

and parent again with a paring knife

I write poems like making out with

boys in the back of a movie theater

my life reel playing in the background

I let words slip their soft teenaged

fingers down my top

I still don’t know how that

movie ends

Jazmine Becerra Green is a Jewish-Chicanx writer and poet. Her work has been published in The Boston Globe, Honey Literary,, and Jewish Journal among others. Jazmine is a teaching artist for Get Lit–Words Ignite, where she guides young people in the art of spoken word. She also hosts a podcast called First Words, which explores the messy space where parenting and writing collide. You can find more of her work at Pronouns: she/her.